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The application oriented subprojects will deliver a number of experimental platforms. In most cases this means an experimental vehicle with additional sensors, actuators HMI new control units to support the functions. The experimental vehicles, some in which a number of functions are integrated, will be used for intensive technical evaluation of the safety functions.


Complementarity of planned test platforms to be demonstrated is indicated below:


1.      Active safe speed and following demonstration vehicles [CRF, TRW] with a tactile accelerator pedal, communication radar, camera, digital maps, proper warning and intervention strategies. [SASPENCE Subproject] The differences between the vehicles concern the human machine interface solutions and use of subsystem components.

2.      Wireless communication system demonstration is planned in up to four functional prototypes that can be placed in test vehicles [DC, BMW, TNO, HTW] with simulated hazards communicated to and between test vehicles [WILLWARN Subproject]

3.      A truck [VTEC] the following functions integrated:

o       next generation active lane keeping support function with integrated active steering actuator able to operate in situation where lane markings are missing or ambiguous or visibility is reduced. The sytem will sense the environment with camera, digital map, and active sensors including radar, lidar, laser, [MAPS&ADAS and SAFELANE subprojects]

o       start inhibit and pedestrian detection, based on short range radar and NIR vision [APALACI subproject]

o       automatic emergency braking and collission mitigation functions through short-range radar, FIR camera and laserscanner [COMPOSE subproject]

o       blind spot surveillance with 3-D range sensor for lateral viewing [UseRCams subproject]

4.      A truck [CRF] with active lane keeping support function based on vision sensor and digital maps

5.      A car [CRF] with

o       lateral collission warning function, based on camera, long range radar, short range radar and NIR-vision,

o       a pedestrian collision mitigation function focusing on the pre-fire period (typically between 10 and 100 ms of an imminent crash) aiming to improve the efficiency of reversible (belt pre-tensioning and the pre-set period (between 0 ms and 10 ms) aiming at non-reversible (airbags) restraint actuator systems.

6.      A limousine car [Bosch] with a lane change assistance function based on long range radar and short range radar sensors [LATERAL SAFE subproject].

7.      A truck simulator [VTEC] for  testing the indirect viewing area of the driver in a lateral and rear area monitoring function extending the operative scenarios of existing lane change systems to all weather conditions and congested urban areas [LATERAL SAFE subproject]

8.      A car [VW] with an experimental intersection safety function, using laserscanner video, experimental digital map with intersection feature, datalogger and a still to be chosen vehicle to intersection communication bearer [INTERSAFE subproject]

9.      Another car [BMW] with and cooperative intersection safety function [INTERSAFE subproject]

10.  A driving simulator for passenger car to evaluate concepts for intersection safety functions [INTERSAFE subproject]

11.  A car [DC] with short range radar and laserscanner for the pre-fire collission mitigation function [APALACI subproject]

12.  A car [DC, FORD] with a test container, providing acces to digital map  with safety relevant data for a variety of ADAS functions [MAPS&ADAS]

13.  A car [TBD] with a driver information and warning system for dangerous locations ('hotspots') and speed limit information [MAPS&ADAS subproject].

14.  A car [BMW] with a curve speed assistance application to test the interface between the ADAS application and the in-vehicle digital map [MAPS&ADAS subproject].

15.  Two cars [BMW, S-VDO] with collision mitigation function, based on short range radar and FIR camera [COMPOSE subproject]

16.  A car [BMW] equipped with 3-D range sensor aimed at the front viewing area to specifically test vurnerable road user and obstacle detection [UseRCams subproject].

17.  A car [Renault] equipped with 3-D range sensor aimed at the lateral area for testing side crash prediction and protection functionality [UseRCams subproject].

18.  A car [Fraunhofer] with a next generation adaptive lane-keeping function with active steering actuator, vision sensor and in-vehicle digital map for [SAFELANE].


The above described experimental platforms give only an indication what will be demonstraed later in the project, as further integration in the subprojects is being pursued, allowing synergies, integrated human machine interface and warning strategies, higher performance, and combined use of components.


IP Exhibition in 2007

An important activity foreseen in the third phase of PReVENT is the IP exhibition. During this European event, the main results will be presented to create awareness and pragmatic expectations on the technologies and applications amongst the public and the decision makers in business, government, and user groups. Authorities will be invited to provide the infrastructure and bring in additional demonstrations from national frameworks. The exhibition will not encompass only the demonstration of technologies, but will be placed within the concept of Road Safety Enhancement..

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