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April 2004 - MAPS&ADAS workshop on state-of-the-art


As part of the PReVENT Integrated Project activities starting in February 2004, the MAPS&ADAS subproject organised its first Workshop 1 April in Brussels. Its main objective was to present the state of the art of digital maps and interface to advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) applications developed essentially by the projects NextMAP and ActMAP and the ADASIS Forum.


The Electronic Horizon concept developed in MAPS&ADAS is the use of enhanced digital maps as a predictive sensor and with an additional source of information look-ahead capability for Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) applications.

The project aims to develop, test and validate:

ü        standardised mechanisms for gathering, maintaining and providing safety-relevant content, enhanced map data for use in ADAS and advanced navigation applications

ü        a standardised interface between ADAS and in-vehicle map data source — not necessarily the navigation systems — for accessing vehicle position map data

Coordinated by , the MAPS&ADAS Consortium is composed of Navteq, TeleAtlas, BMW, DaimlerChrysler, Ford, Volvo TEC, Transver, Siemens VDO, Blaupunkt, Navigon, University of Hanover and Lower Saxony (Germany) public authorities.


Workshop shows cooperation within PReVENT

In the 1 April workshop, the MAPS&ADAS consortium went beyond its own objectives by offering to provide active support to PReVENT functional field subprojects using map and positioning data. The workshop’s objective was to present the state-of-the- art in digital maps and interfaces to ADAS applications developed essentially by the NextMAP, ActMAP and ADASIS Forum initiatives. Besides members of the MAPS&ADAS project consortium, the workshop was also attended by representatives of PReVENT applications stimulating cooperation between PReVENT subprojects and fostering inter-project communication.


In the morning session, Project Manager Vincent Blervaque presented the state-of-the-art in the general context of in-vehicle digital maps in order to bring the PReVENT community up-to-date on the use of digital maps for ADAS applications. He was followed by a presentation of digital maps and enhanced data requirements by Stephen T’Siobbel from TeleAtlas, ADAS Interface functional architecture, data model and data structure by DaimlerChrysler’s Klaus Mezger and ADAS interface API and data entity specifications by Johannes Angenvoort of Navigon. The two applications that will be developed, tested and validated within MAPS&ADAS — Curve Speed Assistance and Driver Warning System (including Hotspot and Speed Alert) — were also presented by Jan Loewenau (BMW) and Karsten Heinig (University of Hanover), respectively.


The afternoon session focused on the cooperation aspects of PReVENT’s vertical subprojects in order to define a common understanding of the preliminary needs for the use of map and positioning data. It also gave the opportunity for the vertical subprojects’ to present their contacts and applications:

ü        SASPENCE (Safe Speed and Safe Distance) — Andrea Saroldi (CRF). This concept aims at aiding the driver in avoiding accident situations related to excessive speed or inadequate headway.

ü        WILLWARN (Wireless Local Danger Warning) - Gerhard Noecker (Daimler- Chrysler). On-board hazard detection, in-car warning management and decentralized warning distribution by communication between moving vehicles on a road network.

ü        SAFELANE (Situation Adaptive System for Enhanced Lane Keeping Support) - Marcos Michaelsen (Ford). Enhancing safety by supporting drivers of commercial and passenger vehicles to avoid unintended lane or road departures.

ü        LATERAL SAFE (Driver assistance for coping with safety critical lateral situations based on a multi-sensor platform) by Andrea Saroldi (CRF).


A discussion with all participants moderated by Teun Hendriks of Siemens VDO succeeded to define a first draft of the preliminary needs specific to vertical subproject applications. MAPS&ADAS support to the vertical subprojects will continue at its second workshop, which will be held 17-18 May 2004 in Möhringen, Germany. At this occasion, the project will aim to consolidate the requirements of safety-enhanced digital maps and interface to ADAS applications with regard to the needs of the PReVENT vertical subproject applications.


For more information, please contact

MAPS&ADAS Project Manager Vincent Blervaque,

[email protected] .com


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