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February 2004 - PReVENT gets under way

The year of the Integrated Project (IP) has begun with the commencement of activities of the PReVENT IP (PReVENTive and Active Safety Applications) in February. Supported by the EC and under the leadership of DaimlerChrysler with the management support of and IMC, this four-year undertaking will involve over 50 members from the public and private sector to develop and validate a variety of preventive safety applications in a number of sub-projects and activities. Sub-project leaders met with PReVENT management 10-11 February in Esslingen, Germany to discuss the IPís planning for the year to come.


The start of the PReVENT Integrated Project (IP) is the culmination of the close collaboration between EUCAR, CLEPA and over the preceding 20 months. As part of the EUCAR Integrated Safety Initiative, PReVENT ó which is in line with the eSafety initiative ó also plans to implement many of the recommendations of the ECís Communication on Information and Communications for Safe and Intelligent Vehicles.


While contributing to this key action, PReVENT will develop, test and evaluate safety-related applications, using already existing advanced sensors and communications devices integrated into on-board systems for driver assistance. In short, PReVENT will help drivers to avoid accidents. Depending on the importance and timing of the foreseeable danger, the types of systems examined in PReVENT will alert drivers as early as possible, warn them, and if there are no reactions from the driver, actively assist and intervene accordingly in so far as possible. Besides this key focus on saving lives, PReVENT priority areas have been defined to contribute towards a rapid market implementation of such systems, by helping to overcome the major barriers for their introduction. It also intends to enlist the cooperation of national and European programmes.


One of the future highlights of the project set to take place in 2007 will be the PReVENT Safety Roadshow, which will involve all the consortium members and national initiatives to present the main results of their activities as well as raise political and public awareness on preventive safety applications and their contribution to road safety in general.


The PReVENT consortium brings together 51 partners with key representatives from the industry, public authorities, universities and various public/private organisations, including a total of 12 OEMs, 16 suppliers, and 23 institutions and others. The Core Team consists of DaimlerChrysler, BMW, VTEC (Volvo), Ford, Renault, CRF (Fiat), PSA Peugeot CitroŽn, Siemens VDO Automotive, Robert Bosch, Sagem and INRETS. The IP management is carried out by and IMC.


Sub-project coordination meeting in Esslingen

The objective of the coordination meeting was to prepare for a harmonised start of the subprojects on 1 February as well as to evaluate the planning and challenges which lie ahead over the course of the year. The first day of the meeting concentrated on the IPís generic issues, whereas the second day looked at building cooperation to create synergies between the subprojects.

The meeting was opened by a welcome address and presentation of PReVENT by its coordinator, Dr Peter Konhaeuser of DaimlerChrysler. Mr Fabrizio Minarini, Project Officer responsible for PReVENT at EC DG Information Society, explained the links between PReVENT and eSafety as well as the organisation and experts supporting the project at the EC level. Dr Arnold van Zyl of EUCAR offered the perspective of the vehicle manufacturers and outlined the Integrated Safety Initiative, to which a number of new IPs of the 6th Framework Programme are contributing.

The first day also featured more information about the PReVENT approach, organisation, dissemination plans and planning, presented by the IP Manager Edwin Bastiaensen of . Dr Joachim Irion of IMC was also on hand as IP Controller to present the controlling, quality and administrative procedures. The second day of the coordination meeting began with an explanation of horizontal cooperation by a representative of the Core Group, Mr Jean-FranÁois Boissou from PSA. His introduction was followed by discussions involving subproject leaders from the three horizontal-oriented subprojects (MAPS&ADAS, ProFusion, RESPONSE 3) who shared their approach and challenges with project leaders from the eight application-oriented subprojects. Issues relevant to the vertical sub-projects were also presented and discussed. The result of these discussions led to the formation of a consolidated IP event calendar and planning as well as individual agreements on actions regarding sub-project cooperation.


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