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Strong presence of IP PReVENT at the ITS in Europe Congress in Hannover

The 5th European Congress and Exhibition on ITS held 1-3 June 2005 in Hannover, Germany, featured a strong presence from  IP PReVENT, including participation in the Congress programme, at the Exhibition, as well as on the ADAC test track.


IP PReVENT promoted the European Commision DG Information Society initiatives at the EC stand, along with many other EC DG INFSO projects such as AIDE, GST and EASIS. The IP PReVENT part of the stand displayed a Mercedes S class vehicle equipped with state-of-the-art active safety sensors such as 77GHz sensor (Distronic) and pre-crash and braking assistance functionalities. The vehicle also showed a simulation of a short-range communication system, which allows it to get data relative to traffic and local dangers in the area. In addition, a slide show presented IP PReVENT activities and some first results.

PR-05000-SLI-050526-v02-ERT-IP PREVENT automatic presentaiton slides.ppt (1100 KB)


On the first day, the EC PReVENT booth received the official visit of Dr Manfred Stolpe, German Federal Minister of Transport, Building and Housing. Mr Matthias Schulze, IP PReVENT coordinator, presented to the offical delegation the PReVENT project and its main activities and goals.  Minister Stolpe saluted the European-wide initiative to contribute to the reduction of the fatalities on the road through the use of ITS technologies and, in this case, active safety systems.


At the ADAC test track, an APALACI vehicle demonstrated the functionalities of pre-fire and pre-crash. The vehicle was equipped with four ultrasonic sensors and four short-range radars and could fuse the data in order to create reliable data enabling the passive safety systems to prepare for the impact. 


IP PReVENT partners contributed to the Congress programme with a Special Session on preventive and active safety that presented project results during the first 15 months of activities. Mr Fabrizio Minarini of DG INFSO, Project Officer of IP PReVENT, served as moderator. 


The following presentations provided a basis for further discussions related to IP PReVENT activities and the use of new technologies for improving active and preventive safety applications.

  • “IP PReVENT - Preventive and Active Safety Applications to improve traffic safety” - Matthias Schulze, PReVENT IP coordinator and Senior Manager at DaimlerChrysler Research. This presentation introduced the aims of IP PReVENT its approach for improving traffic safety.
    PR-01000-SLI-050524-v10-DCA-PReVENT ITS Hannover.pdf (562 KB)
  • “Integration of Applications” - Dr Joachim Irion, IMC, member of the IP PReVENT management team. This presentation provided a general overview of the vision created by IP PReVENT for the future of preventive and active safety applications in the vehicles. The content is based on the IP Deliverable on the requirement of active safety applications that was recently published by the consortium.
    PR-02100-SLI-050602-v10-IMC-presentation on PReVENT results at HITS2005.pdf (1384 KB)
  • “The use of digital maps as an extra sensor for ADAS applications” - Mr Vincent Blervaque, -ITS Europe, IP PReVENT MAPS&ADAS Subproject Leader.
    This presentation provided an overview of the capability of digital maps to improve the efficiency and reliability of several ADAS applications.
    PR-12210-SLI-050523-v10-ERT-MAPS&ADAS ITS Hannover 2005 SS03.pdf (562 KB)
  • "Sensor data fusion for reliable environment sensing for active and preventive safety applications" - Jean-Francois Boissou, Peugeot Citroën SA, member of the IP PReVENT core group. This presentation introduced innovative concepts for sensor data fusion that are under development in IP PReVENT as the basis for reliable safety systems.
    PR-13200-SLI-050526-v10-PSA-ProFusion ITS Hannover 2005 SS03.pdf (562 KB)

Beside the IP PReVENT Special Session, 9 technical papers related to IP PReVENT subproject activities were presented at the Congress:

  • "Electronic Horizon – supporting ADAS applications with predictive map data"
    Christian Ress, Ford Forschungszentrum Aachen GmbH, Germany
    (Not an official PReVENT paper - presentation on Ford activities related to MAPS&ADAS)
    29674.pdf (562 KB)
    29674_Ress_MAPSADAS.pdf (1755 KB)
  • "A map-based accident hot spot warning application"
    Karsten Heinig, University of Hannover, Germany
    28026.pdf (818 KB)
    28026_Hecht_MAPSADAS.pdf (1149 KB)
  • "Navigation-based driver assistance systems"
    Wilhelm Vogt, Blaupunkt GmbH, Germany
    (Not an official PReVENT paper - presentation on Blaupunkt activities related to MAPS&ADAS)
    27429.pdf (1002 KB)
    27429_Varchmin_MAPSADAS.pdf (848 KB)
  • "SASPENCE - Safe Speed and Safe Distance: Project overview and customer benefit analysis of a novel driver’s collision avoidance support system" 
    Matteo Fiorani, University of Siena, Italy
    25499.pdf (171 KB)
    25499_Fiorani_SASPENCE.pdf (291 KB)
  • "Integrated drivers – lateral support system: The LATERAL SAFE project" 
    Angelos Amditis, Institute of Communication and Computer Systems, Greece
    2683.pdf (263 KB)
    2683_amditis_LATERALSAFE.pdf (850 KB)
  • "New European approach for intersection safety – the EC Project INTERSAFE" 
    Kay Ch. Fuerstenberg, IBEO Automobile Sensor GmbH, Germany
    22955.pdf (1019 KB)
  • "RESPONSE 3 – code of practice for development, validation and market introduction of ADAS" 
    Juergen Schwarz, DaimlerChrysler AG, Germany
    25043.pdf (85 KB)
    25043_Schwarz_RESPONSE3.pdf (1396 KB)
  • "Data sourcing, certification and business models for a harmonised European safety map" 
    Paul Kompfner, ERTICO–ITS Europe
    21197_Kompfner_MAPSADAS.pdf (218 KB)
  • "MAPS&ADAS: Real-time map information with a standardised interface" 
    Johannes Angenvoort, NAVIGON GmbH, Germany
    21369.pdf (286 KB)
    21369_angenvoort_MAPSADAS.pdf (596 KB)
  • "Adaptable approach of PRECRASH functions",
    Jorge Sans Sangorrin, Robert Bosch GmbH, Germany
    24981.pdf (1111 KB)
    24981_APALACI.pdf (3064 KB)

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